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Sun, Jun. 11th, 2006, 09:02 pm
loonylenny: ;o

Ok, no new post in sight. I can only conclude on the following: a) Either I'm posting in the wrong LJ, or b) You guys forgot to post. xD

Well, we need some place to chat, and Lenu and Michelle said here. So ... talk, baby!!

Sun, Oct. 16th, 2005, 08:32 pm
yuki08: New Member...

hello My name is Jade, and at HC I'm known as Jade the person that everyone hates and ignores (because she's asian?) and which in turn incites me to get very irritable. I have an LJ so I decided to join. and I've got an idea actually, why not a new layout for this LJ COmmunity...the colors hurts my eyes, visit my portfolio anytime.
*rubs eyes* ow...

Sun, Sep. 25th, 2005, 10:17 am
artisticmemory: (no subject)

I suppose this is the place to put it since it is certainly relevant. I started a HC community for all of HC. We had ones for OoTP, DE, Gryffies, Huffies, Slytherins, Ravenclaws and so on. I couldn't find one for all of HC so I made one.

hcnexcess I hope this isn't offtopic. >.> I thought it was on topic.

Sat, Sep. 10th, 2005, 11:25 am
echan314: Argh.

So here's the issue kids.

This journal is dead as dead can be....

And the people that used to run it... aren't really active around H-C atall.


someone got an idea?

Sat, Sep. 10th, 2005, 02:16 am
spritewithnoice: (no subject)

I should never have been turned to LJ, now I update my LJ every day and I never get on HC! I promise I'm going to get on this week. :D And wow! Look how long it has been since we updated this place! Geez!

Sat, Jun. 4th, 2005, 02:06 pm
echan314: (no subject)

geez it's dead in here. HELLOOO? *hello.... helloo... hello* what an echo.

C'mon guys, start talking about something!

- Aelia.

Fri, Apr. 29th, 2005, 08:20 pm
spritewithnoice: (no subject)

Wow, there hasn't been a post since April 6th!! In a week it would have been a month since someone posted in here. I know I haven't been very active in the OOC thread, but I never have anything to say. Until today, so I am going to post here and then in the OOC thread.

Wed, Apr. 6th, 2005, 09:04 pm
humphrey09: (no subject)

Wow...I just stumbled across this and it's quite suprising how inactive it is given how often people post in the OOC threads! Then again, that may be the reason WHY it's inactive! We say everything that needs to be said in there and have nothing left for the LJ!

Well, this is Michelle (Humphrey), and I'm just popping in! And...er...now I'm bowing out for a bit. I'm off to see the wizard!

Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004, 10:26 am
angelprincess94: Wow, our very own community!

I knew from my friends in different Houses that there were other communities for the H-C Houses flying around (ie: Ravenclaws), but I didn't know till now that we Gryffindors had one too, till now! I suppose I should be thanking _asphyxiati0n, seeing as I found the link in her User Info.

So, I'm harrysgrrl59 at H-C. (Oy, I really hate that name! Planning on changing it whenever I can) You might know me as 'funkeepiper' at The Sisters Three, and recall that I was 'Emma Watson' at The Studio Boards before it shut down. And I, unfortunately, don't come on (online OR on H-C) as often as I'd like these days. But I <3 Harry Potter SOOOOOOO much!!


<3 Christina

Tue, Nov. 30th, 2004, 01:56 pm
echan314: Good

I'm just peachy, if you can ignore the fact that I'm sick and stressing about college, in case you can't tell in the OoC thread...

Yeah, we need to start an activity in here or something....

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